• Agricultural Development

The pitfalls of city living for the Ayoré are severe. There are virtually no opportunities to earn a wage. The living conditions in urban Ayoré camps can be filthy; the pungent odor of rotting food and human waste is not uncommon. Certain vices, like drugs and prostitution, are so imminent that many Ayoré, some as young as 9, often capitulate.

While rural living is not all together immune from such pitfalls, it is nonetheless safer, more wholesome. It also brings the fertile Bolivian countryside closer at hand, latent with God’s bounty.

The bounty of the earth is caught up in the goodness of God’s creation, and it is this, along with tangible economic and social benefits to the Ayoré, that we hope to evoke as we engage in agricultural development in Ayoré communities.

Through agricultural development projects we can provide meaningful labor opportunities for the Ayoré, dignified means to earn money and support their family and community. As we cultivate crops in the countryside we also encourage a migration away from the city; the Ayoré will go where there is work.

And of course, God’s creation is good, and He has given it unto us as stewards to care for and utilize for good. It is this teaching that we emphasize to the Ayoré. As we instill this understanding and action that follows, God is glorified and His Kingdom comes.

We need your help. Our ability to carry out projects like this, especially those that are cost intensive in the initial stages of development, depends on the generosity and partnership of churches and individual donors.

You can make a financial contribution to this project by clicking on the DONATE NOW link to the right. To learn more, send us an email at kamassey@southamericamission.org, or call the South America Mission home office in the States at 803.802.8580.

Sunflower and Soy Photos, 2009


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