IRE Team and Contacts

Placido and Toni Mercado are the IRE Team leaders. For over 15 years they have been bringing the hope of Christ to the indigenous peoples of eastern Bolivia. Their holistic approach to ministry involves leadership and bible-training programs in indigenous communities, community development work that involves agricultural projects and facility construction, and as medical doctors, health clinics and surgeries that save lives and otherwise would never be afforded in the indigenous economy of Latin America.

The Mercados
Emily, Toni, Jose and Placido Mercado

Bev Smith is a SAM missionary in Bolivia. She and her husband Bill, and their three children Nicholas, Jessica and Benji have served in Santa Cruz for over 15 years. Bev is a registered nurse and an integral member of the IRE team.

Bev Smith

The Massey family, Ken, Angela, Sam, Georgia and Ty, seen here upon arrival home after a 6-day trip with the IRE Team into the jungles of The Oriente of Bolivia to build a church in an Ayoré village called Fua. The Masseys are most often involved in IRE community development and agricultural projects.


The newest members of the IRE Team, Jason and Jenna Weigner arrived to Bolivia in September of 2009. They bring a wealth of knowledge in agricultural development and will help greatly as we seek to implement projects that provide work and sustenance to rural communities.



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