• Children’s Ministry

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, because theirs is the Kingdom”.

As a team we have become increasingly aware of our duty before God to join our voices to His by calling the little children away from substance abuse, prostitution, disease and danger. The Ayoré children and youth are at a frighteningly high risk for all of these. We know of children as young as nine who have been recruited or coerced into prostitution and we are witnesses to the venereal diseases and psychological breakdown that come as a consequence.

Besides the medical care and counseling we offer in the clinic setting, we also promote children’s Bible clubs and Sunday school classes as well as day retreats and camps. We offer help with the purchase of school supplies and encourage attending school. We are also building a nutrition and early child development center in Barrio Bolivar for children under five to have a safe environment for play and also some solid meals. All of these activities have as their goal to remind children that they are children, to show God´s love and gently call them to Him, to warn them of dangers that surround them and offer a listening, friendly ear.

Our dream is to open a home for the young people who want to leave prostitution and who need a refuge.


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