The Hope of Redemption and Transformation is Theirs– Make It Known.

A difficult, stark reality of a situation in Bolivia: Ayoré girls, some as young as 12, spend many days bound by the shadows of prostitution and drug use. God called South America Mission over a half century ago to the Ayoré people. As we continue to go and respond, our message continues to be one of redemption and transformation in Jesus Christ. The stark reality of Jesus: He is able to make beauty from ashes, something
beautiful and pure out of violated innocence.

In response to these realities, the SAM ministry team in Bolivia held a camp for Ayoré girls in July, 2011. Hopeful for perhaps 30 girls to come, 70 in the end came over seven days to hear the message: “Dupade checae yoque”, i.e., God Transforms Us.

In partnership with Gather Network and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, mid-year “mini” retreats will maintain contact and follow-up with the girls. And, after a hugely
effective inaugural major camp, it will become an annual event—planned next for July 2012. We need your partnership to keep reaching these Ayoré girls.


~ by SAM on December 22, 2011.

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