Persistence. Fight the Good Fight. For Christian and God’s Glory.

Three-year-old Christian hails from an Ayoré community several hours from the city of Santa Cruz. He was born with a deformity of his feet commonly called “Clubfeet”. His parents, guided by missionaries who visit his community, brought Christian to our office just under a year ago. After examining him we realized he needed surgery.

When people come to us for abdominal or urological surgeries we take care of them within our team. However, if they involve complicated procedures pertaining to other specializations we have to look for help outside our circle. Unfortunately the least expensive yet trustworthy option we could find cost around $2500 per foot, assuming the surgeon would work for free. Since we did not have that kind of money and we already had two other people in need of more urgent surgery, we put Christian in third place on our surgery list and right at the top of our prayer list.

This past week we finally finished up with our other two patients, we were ready to take a deep breath and start looking for help for Christian. Before we could do much, we heard about a Spanish team doing free orthopedic surgery in a nearby hospital. When we checked it out, we were told it was too late for Christian to benefit from the program because the screening process was closed and 40 children had already been selected. However, by God’s grace and after numerous phone calls, favors called in, haggling and begging on the part of several members of our team, Christian was included in the list for surgery! He will have surgery on one foot tomorrow and on the other foot in six months.


~ by SAM on December 1, 2011.

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